1. Friday’s Fresh New Blogs

    Just discovered Content Marketing/Writing blog Men With Pens, and we thought we’d share! Here are a few posts worth checking out! 

    How to Make an Old Blog Post New Again
    Why You Should Never Write Like You Talk
    6 Reasons Every Serious Blogger Should Blog for the Big Dogs
    Happy Friday!

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  2. Think also about what action you hope to inspire in your customers and how you will encourage sharing.

    This could be as simple as integrating social-sharing buttons into your social platforms to make it as easy as one click, or as extensive as employing more strategic community-engagement techniques to spur active conversation and real-time dialogue directly between consumers and the brand.

    Sharing is the only way to truly extend the shelf life of your content and make sure it doesn’t fall into the vacuum.

    – Aedhmar Hynes for PR Newsweek’s Content is a Connection with the Social Consumer. Hynes is CEO of Text 100.

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  3. Think Digital Strategists Won’t Be Hurt By SOPA? Think Again

    The team at Hubspot wrote an incredibly informative blog post laying out everything marketers need to know about SOPA.
    If the government or the owner of copyrighted material identifies your website as hosting copyrighted material and falling guilty of copyright infringement, penalties could include disabling online advertising networks and payment facilitators from doing business with your website, preventing search engines from linking to your website and enforcing that internet service providers block access to your website.

    …But if you make sure you’re a law-abiding website, you’ll be in the clear, right? Maybe not. Website features such as blog comments and other types of user-generated content could expose you to trouble if a commenter posts copyright infringing content. Because you host the site, you’re the one liable.
    Scary stuff. Read the whole thing here.

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  4. NYT Labs - Cascade from Lucas Black-Dendle on Vimeo.


    The New York Times R&D Lab Explores How Content is Shared via Future Journalism Project.

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  5. Five Golden Rules, Our Way

    The Next Web dipped its toes into the world of Content Marketing this week. They claim there are five golden rules to nailing the art. 

    Here are their five rules, with links from the Content Strategist on how to implement them!

    1. Transparency
    2. Go The Distance
    3. A Two Way Street
    4. It’s Not All About You
    5. Always Be Measuring

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  6. Ever Wonder About Content Distribution?

    Our own Shane Snow wrote a great piece for Mashable explaining key ways of expanding your distribution throughout the web.

    Today, the scarce resource in the publishing world is not infrastructure; it’s audience. To compete for reader attention, bloggers are finding they not only have to produce better content, they also have to figure out a way to get it in front of people.

    Fortunately, tools are emerging to help publishers reach new audiences. Though getting more readers won’t be much help if your content sucks, the following five solutions can help publishers build an audience with the push of a button.

    Read the whole list here.

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  7. Cross Platform Analysis

    Our latest post shows you how to integrate cohesive platforms to build a digital strategy. But what’s a cross-platform approach without equivalent metrics?

    Search Engine Watch has a great piece today on cross channel analytics thats worth checking out. 

    Also here are some basics for measuring ROI on your content.

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  8. Web Economy Bullsh*t Generator

    This is hilarious!

    Sound like an Internet guru with the Web Economy Bullsh*t Generator. At the push of a button, the generator randomly pulls three words from a list of Web-related technical terms,  mixes them together,  and voilà! Out pops a phrase that makes no sense, but sounds very official.

    Social Times goes on to show you how to use the generator to write insightful blog post comments and even company mission statements! 

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  9. It’s All About The Details: Thank You Pages

    "The four most important components of an effective thank-you page are: access to your offer, social media sharing links, secondary calls-to-action, and auto-response emails."

    - Hubspot’s How To Create Conversion-Optimized ‘Thank You’ Pages

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  10. The Facebook Costs-Per-Click, By Industry
via Flowtown

    The Facebook Costs-Per-Click, By Industry

    via Flowtown

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